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#5 - Radiant Mama w/ Danielle McDonald

In this episode, I talk to Danielle McDonald. We talk about integrative health coaching, the origins of the Radiant Mama Juice Bar, and so much more.


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702 Main Street

Building #103

Bastrop, TX 78602

Danielle (00:00):

At the end of the day, you know, your body is better than anyone better than your own doctor or you should. And if you don't, you need to figure out how to, how to get back to that. You know? So I think it's, I'm a very I run a lot on an, on an intuition and I think that served me well. And that's maybe where I was able to connect some of these dots that look healing. And a lot of this is intuitive.

Schindler (00:22):

Welcome to doing the work. If you're okay with living a boring life with below average results, this is not your podcast. Go ahead and tune out now. But if you want to live an amazing life full of purpose, love, joy, abundance, and elite health and fitness you've come to the right place. This podcast is for people who are ready to stop making excuses and start doing the work that creates a life that they love. I'm your host, eighth and Schindler and airborne ranger turned social worker turned strength. Coach turned entrepreneur. I've spent my entire life learning how to be uncommon among the uncommon. I've found my purpose and empower people to reach their full potential. And this podcast takes a deep dive in how to prioritize. What matters is that the work owns your life, maintains compassion and kindness and risks failure while enjoying every moment along the way.

Schindler (01:13):

I talk to people who inspire me and share their gifts with you. This is my way of helping you find what sets you on fire and keeps the fire burning. Doing the work podcast is brought to you by Tracy's driving grocery bash drops, iconic neighborhood grocery store, serving the community since 1946 and home at the best coffee in Bastrop. Check them out at www.Tracy' Well, I'm super excited to have you on the show for everybody out there. This is Danielle MacDonald. Hello. I am what I, you have to put into like a sports analogy. I love the person on the field. Who's like hustling on the person who's diving for the ball and the person who's like scrambling in. They're like a tenacious defender. And I know you played basketball, so you kind of get that.

Schindler (02:06):

And that's how you show up in my life. I see you as a person who's hustling, you're a person who's out there diving in for the, the, the ball. And you know, you and I met a couple a years ago when you were just getting a radiant mama juice bar going, and we were looking for ways to collaborate and work together. I've just been so grateful to have you in my life to just watch you and how you're blowing up and your business has grown. But you know, and that's really why I'm having you on the show because you inspire me and I've loved working with you the times that we have worked together. I know that our audience will be inspired by you also. So thank you for being on the show. Well, thanks.

Danielle (02:47):

That's very kind of you to say. So I mean, honestly, it's funny you use that analogy diving for the ball. Because my mom used to freak her out. She'd actually beg me, she'd be like stopped diving on the floor for the ball, you know, so I appreciate that. I definitely I've always been a hard worker and you can get a lot done through hard work, right. And, you, and Ann Marie are as well. And you guys inspire me. And I mean, when we met, I'd never done the kind of fitness that you guys coach and teach and it's really a lifestyle. And so I've just been so grateful to learn y'all y'all's ways, you know I've changed just from being a part of your gym community for the better, a lot of self-development not only physically getting stronger, but I think confidence and things like that, which have carried over into you know, my work in business and even in my family life. And so, yeah, I'm really excited to be here. So thank you.

Schindler (03:40):

I love that. I mean the biggest compliment you could really pay me is that in some way I've done something for your life to help you to grow or move the needle forward. So I'd love to just kind of start with you talking about growth in business and you talked about your family a little bit about your family. You know, tell our audience like I know you own a radiant mama juice bar. Tell us a little bit about that. Maybe how it got started, what you guys do, all that stuff.

How Danielle Started a Juice Bar

Danielle (04:07):

Well, it's kind of a long story. The business itself is, I would say, a direct representation of myself and my journey. I think a lot of people kind of get that to some degree. It's definitely a personal thing that we've tried to just share and turn into a community basically. But it started when my grandmother had a very close relationship with her. She was kind of like the radio mama in my life. Always there for me during some really hard family times that I went through and you know, taught me all about faith because I feel like my faith has definitely carried me through this life and continues to but, unfortunately the way that she passed was the away that I would have never wanted her hope for her.

Danielle (04:55):

And I think we all kind of have that story in our lives, you know, that person whose health just you know, they, and then also the medical industry, I don't know, trying to get, you know, too deep on that, but it was, it was bad and it was sad and I was already into health and wellness and I just was like, I felt like I didn't get a chance to, I mean, maybe I did help her in some ways, but it was almost felt like too late. And I just know there's so many people out there that it's not too late. I just kind of made that decision that I'm, I have the knowledge, the passion for this. And so I'm going to be sure that I can help as many people as possible. So that's kind of where the idea of like radiant mama came from.

Danielle (05:34):

But it actually started in my mom's kitchen. So my oldest daughter, Izzy, who is six now, had just started to go into mother's day out. And of course she started catching little colds and things like that. And being into all the herbs and things, and I already was, I was like, there's gotta be something, you know, that she can take everyday to build her immunity. And I stumbled upon elderberries about three years ago and started making them in my mom's kitchen. We were living with her at the time. So we just had our second baby. And so I was SU I was really in mom mode, right. You know, carrying Lily around on my hip, making this elder very brewed and it worked for us. And so I just kind of put feelers out. We were brand new to bash.

Danielle (06:12):

I needed friends. I'm a pretty social person. So, I'm just a salesperson at heart too. So I was like, let me try to sell this elderberry cause I know works, you know? And so a lot of the local moms started buying it and taking it and it started helping their lives and it just kind of organically grew from there. We decided to go set up at the Bastrop farmer's market just right over here. And we were there for about a year and a half. Just like you said, hustling, plugging away, trying to spread this message, that there is a different way for preventative medicine, which we believe are plants and herbs and, and things that are more natural and non-invasive to the body. I think because I personally feel that that message is true, that it was solely received well by this community.

Danielle (07:01):

But it's taken all of three to four years and I don't know how long y'all have been in bass drop, but it's been great to see Bastrop evolve just in the last three to four years with health and wellness, you know? So anyways, like I said, long story but then from there we opened up the juice bar. It was kind of a selfish thing. I want to do some Bobby, my husband and I back in 2012 when that movie fat sick and nearly dead came out. I don't know if you remember that. We were like sold, we were all in back in 2012. And so we started juicing every day and we immediately just saw, positive impact on our health. But then we kind of fell away from it and it kind of came to this point where we're like, we're living in this great town, we're already doing all these things with the herbs and and all of that.

Danielle (07:46):

So why don't we just, you know, try to start a juice and smoothie bar. And so we started in a hundred square foot cash wrap. That's when I think when I first met you, I mean it was a tidy space. Like I look back and I am just in awe of each step we've made it. They're not necessarily big steps, but they're definitely like growth steps, you know? And so then we moved to like a 400 square foot space, had a little bit more room and then finally took the leap of faith and moved here downtown and have our own little shop. And it's slowly growing, but most importantly, like you know, if we help one person in this life make better decisions and feel better day to day, like that's a win.

Schindler (08:28):

It's really what I love about you. I think it's why, like who you are really resonates with me because it's so clear to me that like you, in the beginning of kind of telling your story about radio mama, it's like, it was born of who I am, and I think the businesses that I love and that I'm, I get the most excited about it. It seems clear to me that it's like, that the person is doing something that they would probably do for free anyway. It's just like, they love it. They're so into it. And they're just finding a way to make a living doing what they love doing. I see that in you. I think that's why you're doing so well, you've done, and that you are growing because other people see that.

Danielle (09:12):

And I think it's hard and I love how you mentioned, like you, starting in, a hundred square feet and then going to 400 square feet, because that's how my business started. You know, back in 2011, I started as a donation bootcamp and people could come, I had this army boot sitting out there. Yeah, I'm in this and out in this park that, I mean, honestly the city of Austin can't really come get me now, but I didn't have a permit to even be there. And I just started training people out there. And I said, if you have a couple dollars in your pocket, drop it in there. And pretty soon, you know, it blew up and, you know we grew and grew and grew, but those humble beginnings it's. So I try to not lose touch with that, you know because sometimes you can, I think that's when you forget where you came from and so starting in your grandma's kitchen or your mom's kitchen and all that stuff is so cool. Yeah, and you said you were already into health and wellness, so you were, I know that through our conversations in the past year, you were a wellness coach and are you still doing any of that?

Health and Wellness

Danielle (10:20):

Yeah, so essentially, yes, it just looks a little bit different these days. But actually, I went to college and have a degree in wellness science. So I had started out in psychology and then, I didn't know the school was offering, you know, a new program. It was this wellness science program. They kind of came at it like, you know, you can just someday maybe run your own wellness business. So I was like, sure. So I ended up doing it, completing that program. And of course playing basketball this time, that always, that always kept, kept me in shape. But during my college years, I would say that I just crammed at tons of reading and books. Self-Development I started studying Eastern Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine. I mean those are the kind of nerdy books that I read.

Danielle (11:06):

So but nonetheless yeah, I mean, that's kind of where it all started in college. I had a personal health crisis. There was this period of time going through a lot of emotional things with my, with my dad that obviously was manifesting physically. And so that's when I tied in that, okay, it's more than just like what you eat and, you know, working out every day, it really is this mind, body spirit journey that we're on and you have to definitely be working and be aware all the time of how are those lining up? How are they aligning in harmony with one another? So this health crisis I went through, I was very underweight. I was one of those people that I watched everything I ate, but to a fault like there's actually, it's technically a disorder now I forget the name of it.

Danielle (11:52):

But I, that was me. And so it was, I think it was just a base emotionally out of like a lot of guilt and shame, you know? But when I started seeing it for what it was and was able to deal with it, and a lot of the ways I dealt with that was reading books. I am a Christian. I went to church spiritually trying to grow, getting myself around people who I knew could help me, help pull me out of that. So yeah, I feel like maybe I'm rambling a little, but nonetheless I was in a really dark place. Really I had that moment I'll have as a very dark place. I think my wife could have gone one of two ways, you know? And so I'm very grateful to God that he put people, strong people in my life to help redirect me. And all the while I always had this passion for health and wellness, but I had to heal. And then once I healed and saw now I want to be there for other people who are trying to do the same thing.

Schindler (12:45):

I'm a huge believer. I like some of who I am now and what people might see as some of my successes or my better qualities. Now we're really born out of a dark place, out of a failure, out of falling flat on my face. I was a social worker, you know, and really I tell people all the time, like, yes, I wanted to help other people, but I secretly think dark, deep, dark down inside of myself, I was trying to fix myself. I was going to school to figure out what was going on with me and how could I resolve whatever was going on with me. And of course it felt good to be able to help other people while I was figuring that out. But I think that's really the truth.

Schindler (13:28):

And, probably a lot of people who go into those helping professions do try and try to do something like that. So where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from me? So I get, and I actually want to, I want to circle back around to like, how did you, you know, your, your inclination towards herbs and whole foods and all that stuff. I kind of want to hear where that was born, but I'm super interested in your entrepreneurship, but you said like, I'm a salesperson at heart. You said something like that a minute ago. And like, where does that come from? And what's that all about?


Danielle (14:01):

That spirit is embodied from like my grandfather, he ran a successful tool business where we're from Oklahoma we're OGeez so and he, thanks. Yeah, so I would say, you know, he passed when I was 13, but I still remember just all the little nuggets that he fed me. I'd say, so in a way, like, it runs in the family, I guess you should say.

Schindler (14:26):

Some of the nuggets, like, what would you say that you've watched him do? Or did he say something? Because my family's kind of we're farmers, but my family always had side businesses. And I was like that eight year old kid pushing a lawnmower around the neighborhood. So I'm curious, like, what did you see or what did you hear that was like, kind of like the golden nugget for you?

Danielle (14:44):

It was just who he was and how he treated us. He expected me to do things myself. I just remember he was the, who, when I was really young, out on the lawn mower, teaching me how to do real hands-on, things like that. And I think that's also where my dad was like this too. I'm also just a physically hard worker. I'm not afraid to get out there and shovel the gravel because literally that's what I had to do when I was young. I mean, we being in Oklahoma is a pretty country, you know? And so a lot of things like that. But you know, my grandpa always had these little sayings, like don't eat, don't dirt, you know never take a wooden nickel from somebody. He just was all about being wise, you know?

Danielle (15:20):

And he even, I've, thank God really, but I've never been in a car wreck to this day. And I always just think of when my grandpa, when I was first driving, he just said, you know, you're not driving just for yourself, but you always have to be driving for the person in front of you and behind you. And I think so just bringing this self-awareness to life, I don't know if that, what that translates to, but it meant something for me? So like, yeah.

Schindler (15:48):

Yeah. There's just this feeling that I get that you know, who I am, and it sounds like you have a, you feel maybe similar to this, it's just like who I am is really the result of the people who I've spent time with in my life. And I've just been lucky. I'm an average guy who just was lucky enough to be around some amazing people and, and I've just stood on the shoulders of giants. And it sounds like you've had some really amazing people in your life. You know, you've talked about your grandma and you've talked about your grandpa and your other people. So I love that. So it's just kind of born in you or that entrepreneurial spirit. And then what about the food, the wellness, the, where did that come from? Is that something you picked up on your own or did that come from family?

Food and Wellness

Danielle (16:32):

I think a lot of that again came from whenever I had my personal health crisis. So I learned that those things work. I think part of it is believing in it. There is this, I've been presented with like, maybe it's a placebo effect, but personally, my theory is I believe we were all created. I think we were created from the same things plants were. And I think that you know, on a biological level, like our bodies just know what to do with the plants, like at a cellular level. Yeah. You know, and it's a really simple concept, but I think that our culture and society has gotten away from that truth.

Schindler (17:09):

And when you can tell, obesity and all these chronic health you know, conditions that we didn't have before. So what got you to kind of take that leap of faith of trying, trying these remedies that worked for you.

Danielle (17:23):

Yeah. Reading books, trying things, going out, buying herbs. One of the things that I did if I'm being just real open and honest here Bobby and I were trying to conceive and I was, there was just like something wasn't jelling. And so I bought a book and I was like, let me take these herbs to help with hormones and stuff. And even as deep as I'm watching a woman's cycle in the moon and it, I followed it and I started learning, so it's a very intuitive health is a very intuitive thing. So when I do health coaching, I kind of strayed away from that. This is why I want to get back into health because coaching is to teach people at the end of the day, your body is better than anyone better than your own doctor or you should.

Danielle (18:04):

And if you don't, you need to figure out how to, how to get back to that? So I think it's, I'm very I run a lot on intuition and I think that served me well. And that's maybe where I was able to connect some of these dots that look healing. And a lot of this is intuitive. And even with the plants, as you start using them, you kind of just intuitively know and learn how they work, how your body works and like what you need and when you need it. Of course I've dedicated a lot more time than the average person, because I love this and now it's like my career. But that's why I wanna, we're so busy. People are so busy, you know, there's just no time anymore. I feel like for people to really like, think about these things or give them the shot that they deserve.

Schindler (18:45):

Yeah. And I love how you talked about the, the intuitive part of it, because I'm constantly trying to, and sometimes people get frustrated when I say this, but I like to believe that we already have all the answers and the wisdom that we need within us, you know, and if we just take the time to be with ourselves and to be quiet and really just get in touch with ourselves, a lot of the, our answers will just come to us and there's a spirit. I do believe there's a spiritual component to that. Obviously when you connect to God and when you connect to something bigger than yourself, there's a flow of information and wisdom that comes from there. But I also just believe that ancestrally, your DNA, that's inside of you right now. Isn't just what color your eyes are and what color your hair is and how tall you are. But there's the lessons that have been learned from generation to generation that all live inside of us. And I think it's like walking down the halls of ancestral life.

Danielle (19:49):

It's funny you say that because going back to where I come from, supposedly my great-grandmother who was Mexican. So she, you know, lived in Mexico and they used a lot of herbs. And so my grandma was just saying, you know, if I had this, she'd pull out this urban use. And, you know, and so they, a lot of my aunts they're like, so you remind us kind of, of her, for your love for using natural things. So, okay.

Schindler (20:12):

There is his love and you didn't know her personally, but it has now manifested in your, in your life. Yeah, well, I think, and just kind of going back to that and kind of talking about what we should be, things that we maybe should be doing more in our lives. Like, are there practices in your life, or do you have habits in your life that really you know, keep you going or keep you grounded or you're again, a go-getter and a successful person. You've, you're running a business. What are the must do's in your daily or weekly life that kind of keep you well?

Danielle (20:52):

Definitely drinking a lot of quality mineral water. So most people, I don't think realize that the quality of water that they're drinking is not sufficient to sustain a really super strong, healthy immune system. So personally we drink crazy water. It's from mineral Wells, Texas. You know, most disease begins in the gut. And so it's really important that you're well-hydrated on a cellular level. I've literally seen it explained to me that it's called dead water if there's no minerals and like the, it doesn't even go into the cell. So it's just kind of like going through you, but not into you. So that's one thing is I'm always, I always try to be sure to drink plenty of mineral water every week. Another one is I personally pray and spend a lot of time with God, a lot, like a lot because this world is kind of crazy and, as leaders, it's not easy there's always a lot coming at us and a lot that we have to keep stress levels down composure for to be, a good example for other people.

Danielle (21:55):

So that's kind of where that plays in. So whether it's like meditation or prayer or whatever it is, you know, that you do, I'm definitely taking a look at yourself and looking in the mirror all the time and thinking like, how, how can I do better? How can I be better? Because I've learned at the end of the day, we can't control anyone but ourselves.

Schindler (22:14):

And that's hard because it's sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but you can only control your reactions or your responses to other people.

Danielle (22:22):

And I'm kind of, I can be a hot headed kind of person. That's definitely been something I've had to learn is to not knee jerk reactions. Just I dunno, I've been described as feisty. I can get short with people kind of, I mean, you don't work.

Schindler (22:39):

With me.

Danielle (22:40):

Well, you don't work with me, but just ask Bobby.

Danielle (22:47):

Yeah. I've been described by my employees that, and that I can be sometimes a little feisty and short, and I've had to really work on the, the way be sure that my tone of voice and everything matches how I really feel, because when I'm in work mode and business mode, I can get very serious and it's just like, I want things done. And like, I see how they need to get done. But in a lot of ways that's impractical and I'm setting expectations. Maybe I have high expectations, but that's not being very gracious to other people on a lot of levels. And so I've kind of had the, had to learn that, but at the same time, I have to say, my employees have come to me and they're like, thank you because you inspire me to step up to take on more responsibility, things like that. So that makes me feel good too, that you know, it goes both ways.

Schindler (23:28):

Yeah, I have one of my values as you probably know, because I've basically pushed my values on the gym. The gyms me, but one of them is kind of, you had the shirts to have my values on them and kindness over everything is one of my values. And I think people often miss miss under don't understand that it doesn't mean you're always being sweet to everybody. And it doesn't mean that you're never upset or anything, because I think one of the most kind things you can do for anybody is be hard on them to hold them to a standard, to bring the best out of them that, cause I've, I feel like I can see people's potential and it bugs me when someone's not at least trying to live up to.

Danielle (24:13):

The one thing I had to learn was I'm like you, I think maybe that's why we're in the positions we're in, like I can easily see another person's potential and what they're capable of. And I've learned though, you can't love people for their potential. You have to love them and meet them right where they're at. And I think that's why I enjoy health coaching. I don't necessarily enjoy big group settings, but I enjoy sitting one-on-one with someone and being able to help them work through whatever it is that's hindering their growth in life. And a lot of time I've found and this kind of touches back on some other things we've discussed, it's just asking them questions because I know that they already know the answers to their problems. Like, but they just need to be provoked and, you know you know, just questioned and make them think. And then eventually just hope that they'll figure it out, you know, but that's kind of what health coaching is about.

Schindler (25:00):

Yeah. And I love what you said about that you kind of have to enter my interpretation when she says this love them as they are right now. I spent half of my life trying to be worthy of love or to be worthy of people's respect or just to be wanted,, and it took me a long time to realize that I'm, I'm already worthy of all of that as I am now. And I don't need to prove myself to anybody. And I really well, I really try to treat other people like that. You know, it's just a year as you are right now, love you to death. And I see

Danielle (25:37):

That's not easy to do. Right.


It's not always because not everyone is doing things that are easy to love, sometimes people can be frustrating and hateful and mean

Danielle (25:52):

As I can too. Right. I mean, really. But yeah, no, it's not easy, but I've learned that recently.

Schindler (25:59):

Yeah. and I try to just not attach to the, one of my things that common goldmine is just not get attached to any particular result or outcome. I set an intention, all set a goal and I know I'll try to work towards it, but I don't get I don't get attached to how it actually ends up. And that's, especially with people, you know, I work as a strength coach. I'm a gym owner. I'm always trying to get people to at least in a physical capacity to come closer to their physical potential. And sometimes when I'm putting in quite a bit of effort to help people with that, it can be frustrating when people, maybe aren't getting the result, even if they're trying, I mean, they're hard. And it's like, man, why isn't it working? Or what's, you know? And so

Danielle (26:47):

I think that's where too, as leaders, we have to know how to set boundaries with people. Because like, as I'm coaching someone, if I see they're not progressing, and I see that it's literally just a lack of focus and effort, then I have to know how to then navigate that relationship to still get the same results. But a lot of times that involves like maybe, maybe, you know, this is like creating some boundaries in that relationship. And, whether it's like time or, whatever it's been really interesting with health, maybe you've found the same thing. I've found that I, we get the most results out of people when they have to spend money on their health. Yes. I know what it is. I used to give free health coaching and like, the effort was, you know, just not there, but you charge them, you charge them. And it's like, there's more of an effort. I think it goes back to just human nature, right.

Schindler (27:33):

Skin and they get part of it safe, got skin in the game. Eh, whether I have a, I don't know, we probably don't have enough time in this podcast to talk about my frustration with money in general. But the fact of the matter is that it is valued at some tips, some people and and then when they're adding a value to a particular service or something, then they're going to try harder, you know first for sure.

Danielle (27:58):

But it shouldn't be like that. Right? Like this is our health we're talking about, we get one life and, I just it's, like you said, trying, we all just want to be accepted. We all just want to be loved. And so I think our message is just like, you are accepted, you are loved, just go out there and do it, and we're here to help. So yeah.

Schindler (28:18):

Yeah. Well, this is why I love that there's people like you out there in this world who are every day on a daily basis, working with people and interacting with people too, and helping them to be healthier and not just healthier physically, because certainly the products you offer help physically, but there's also a spiritual and an emotional component to that, which is, as we know the bigger, when you can figure out the mental part, the physical and everything else.

Danielle (28:45):

It's all lines. Yeah. And we teach that to our employees at the juice bar like, when people walk in here, they're experiencing more than just the juice in a smoothie. It's our energy. It's the way we talk to them. It's the way we answer their questions. So really our goal as a team at the juice bar is to provide the best customer service in town. Because we want them to come back because of the way we made them feel. Not necessarily because of the product itself, although that's great. Yeah.

Schindler (29:11):

Yeah. Our information packet and our website says we're the most dedicated and caring gym in the backdrop. Yeah. I would agree. Yeah. And, that's important to me, you know more than what we know about strength and conditioning and, or or anything like that. I want people to know that we're a safe place, that we're caring, that we're supportive and that we're, we become, they become our family. And it sounds like, and I love that you're teaching your employees that as well, because that's what really matters. That's what people really need. Well we could probably talk all day, but I would love where can people find you? Where can people learn about your businesses and all that stuff?

Danielle (29:53):

Well we're on all of the social media outlets while at least Facebook and Instagram, my business is radiate mama juice and smoothie bar. We're located here in the downtown backdrop. Just 702 men just passed. Well Fargo's, if you're in Bastrop and we have a full website, radiant mama juice,, and you can shop from there. People can, we don't have any resources yet, but I guess it will come soon. But nonetheless, just come to the store.

Schindler (30:17):

It's always a product. It's always a process. And we're in development. Is there anything you wish I had asked you that I didn't ask you? I always feel like sometimes people have things they come into wanting to talk about.

Danielle (30:30):

I guess I get asked a lot about why we moved to Bastrop because of the river and the outdoors, and a lot of people that live here, I've never been on the river. They've never experienced, like what makes Bastrop so amazing which is the natural component to it. And so people ask like, well, why do you like kayaking so much? Why do you like being on the river? So I don't know. It's a fun question for me. It's just, I'm getting out there. And we are leaders around people all the time, it's kind of just an extra way for me to unplug and to recenter and recharge spiritually. I see water in the river kind of as this cleansing, like the river teaches us a lot of lessons, right. Like just going with the flow. And it's just such a beautiful thing when I get out there. I mean, it's just, I'm in my element. And I just encourage everybody to find that thing outside and in nature that you love that really helps you to find yourself again, every time you go back, you know?

Schindler (31:28):

Yes. There's something so powerful, powerful about being out there in nature and water in particular. I agree. And it's, we've all probably seen that Bruce Lee quote, or saying, if you've seen the one where it's like water yeah. You know, they can take and turn it, you can put it in a cup and it becomes the cup. You, it can flow and it be, and there's just something really amazing about observing water. So I love that.

Danielle (31:53):

That's exactly what it is. Yeah.

Schindler (31:57):

And actually, I have one last question before we wrap it up. You mentioned mineral water, what minerals are supposed to be in water that cause it's funny that you mentioned it. Cause I've recently started taking a supplement that I put in my water because I was having the same promo. I drank a gallon of water a day for years, but I felt like I was just, I kind of peed it all out and I didn't feel very hydrated. I was still getting cramps and things like that. But then I started taking a supplement that has some minerals and stuff in it. So I'm just really curious, am I taking the right what's what's in the water then?

Mineral Water

Danielle (32:28):

Well, no, like sodium potassium, things like that help with the cellular water regulation in the body and everything. But there's other things like magnesium, yada. I honestly am not an expert on which minerals exactly, but I do know when you're shopping for water, you need to look at the total dissolved solids. The TDS is in the product. We're actually, I think one of the only countries that doesn't really offer mineral water, like, which go figure, I feel like the US is so backwards on a lot of things. Like France, kind of a country to look at and they do water well I don't take a supplement. I just drink crazy water. And it's just a local, well, here in Texas, you can literally drive out, see where they're sourcing all of the water, it's from the earth. And I just know when I drink that stuff, like all is right.

Schindler (33:14):

That's awesome. Well, it's crazy because I have this whoop that tells me what my recovery and stuff is like, and it's insane that like on days that I forget to take that supplant any it has sodium magnesium potassium, some other stuff in it, right? Yeah. But on the days I take it, like my recovery is so much better and on the days I don't take it, I'm like in the tank and I'm like, it can't be that Ady, can't be just that.

Danielle (33:42):

So that's why I was my number one tip. I don't even know if I gave any more kids.

Schindler (33:46):

Well, it's a great tape. And I think if people, and I think this, the best tips are the simple ones, easy to adopt. Just change how you are, what water you drink.

Danielle (33:53):

Yeah. And if it tastes weird, at first that's okay. And that's actually a sign that you need it. Because I've gotten feedback on that and I'm like, you need to be, the water should taste like something. That's a good thing. So You're tasting the dirt.

Schindler (34:07):

So, well, I'm so glad I feel like we need a part two and a part three, because I feel like we could just go on and on, but I really appreciate you taking the time. I really, I learned things about you today and about your business that I love. I know that people out there are going to love. So just thank you for showing how you're showing up in the world and who you are and for being on the show.

Danielle (34:32):

Thank you, Athan. Appreciate it.

Schindler (34:33):

You're very welcome. Have a good rest of the day. I'm so grateful that you joined us for this episode of doing the work podcast, providing you with value is why I do this. And I hope you got something out of this episode that you can put into action into your life. If you enjoyed listening to this episode, please share this episode with your friends and family who are looking to level up in life. Sign up for our email list at to receive special offers and discounts from our sponsors. Subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, and anywhere podcasts are hosted. Thanks again for joining the, doing the work podcast. And we'll see you in the next episode.

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